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In his early years, Mr. Oizo used a Korg MS-20, an Akai S1000, and an Atari 1040 computer. [ citation needed ] Mr. Oizo is known currently for strong use of computers in his music. As he stated in an interview with XLR8R , he started using computers to avoid having to plug in four different appliances, and because the result of music is more or less the same. [ citation needed ] His first album to switch to all computers was Moustache (Half a Scissor) . In Lambs Anger , Mr. Oizo used a Macintosh G5 running Logic Pro to compose all of the songs. During his DJ sets, he uses two CDJs.

Malik says working with Uffie has been a transformative approach to production for him because the two forged a friendship first, rather than meeting through an arranged label pairing. “[I’d ask] what kind of sound she was going for [and] Anna’s the kind of person that will respond, ‘I think I’m feeling like the bunnyman suit, Donnie Darko vibe,'” he says over the phone from Los Angeles in early May. “It made it really fun and exciting to kind of be like… ‘Okay… what is she trying to say by that?’ It was just such a refreshing approach.”

Uffie steroids

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