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Picking up random parasites in unknown numbers from the environment and controlled dosage helminthic therapy are vastly different situations. There are absolutely helminths that you don’t want to have in your system at all and any helminth species in excessive numbers can be problematic, but my very small colony of Necator americanus has taken me from a total health melt down to an increasingly normal life in a matter of months. You can read my story at http:///escaping-autoimmune-hell-helminthic-microbiome-immune-support/

My temps are rising (kind of slower; I’m not getting as much rest as I should and I think that and other stress is hurting my adrenals), I am feeling happier and more carefree. I have gained weight, also, but I know that when my metabolism gets going faster, I will be able to lose it. I have gained 10 pounds so far, but I keep thinking it should be more. I have been eating A LOT of nicely balanced macro nutrients. And I swear that ice cream is some of the most healing food there is. I had low energy this morning and a little bowl of ice cream bumped it up.

Mark sisson steroids

mark sisson steroids


mark sisson steroidsmark sisson steroidsmark sisson steroidsmark sisson steroidsmark sisson steroids